Amedeo Baragiola

MSc Computer Science and Engineering · Politecnico di Milano ·
MSc Computer Science · Univesity of Illinois at Chicago ·

I’m a Computer Engineering student at Polytechnic University of Milan.

I currently live in Italy near the city of Como in Lombardy.
I enjoy life here, but I’m looking forward to moving somewhere else in the near future to experience a different lifestyle.

My main academic interests are Computer Security, Machine Learning.

Time flows steadily during the year while I spend my days going to class and studying, no much fun one would say. During school breaks I love to pick countries I’ve never been to in the past and travel there on my own. This is my way of running away from my daily life.

Work experience

Software Engineer

WuGate Ireland Ltd
Reverse-engineering, Network Analysis: experience in reverse-engineering web apps based on TCP packet flow. SSL MITM. JavaScript analysis. Cross-compiling of packet sniffing software and kernel modules on mobile devices using the NDK toolchain. RHEL server management.
Jan 2016 - now

Android Development

Bytel SA - Switzerland
Development of Android Apps: real-time messaging (MQTT-based), integration with GCM, team work, agile development & testing.
Jan 2016 - now

Android Development

Experience in creating Android apps on Google Play. Communication with REST APIs, reverse- engineering, network comm. on Android. (OkHttp, Volley & Retrofit / JSON, XML)
Simple UI design.
2014 - Jan 2016


University of Illinois at Chicago

Master of Science
Computer Science Department
Computer Science
Sep 2018 - now

Politecnico di Milano

Master of Science
School of Industrial and Information Engineering
Computer Science and Engineering
Sep 2018 - now

Politecnico di Milano

Bachelor of Science
School of Industrial and Information Engineering
Engineering of Computing Systems
Sep 2015 - Jul 2018


Programming Languages & Tools
  • Software Engineering
  • Native Android Development
  • Server Management
  • Web/Network Security
  • Data Mining and Text Mining
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning


Awards & Certifications

  • Google HashCode 2018 #1359
  • Hurricane Electric IPv6 certificate
  • IELTS Academic English Certificate. Level C2
  • Boston School Of English (BSML) Completion Certificate at level C2